Art of Living Customer Story


The Art of Living is a non-profit organization currently operating in over 150 countries worldwide, whose aim is to create a stress-free, violence-free world. They work to promote world peace and spread knowledge regarding meditation and yoga.


Art of Living is an extremely large organization that uses Salesforce to manage the volunteers, teachers and representatives for the company organization world-wide. However, when it came to platform development, they were experiencing several pain points. Due to their non-profit nature, they often rely on the work of freelancers who continually come and go. This lead to issues with developers constantly overwriting each other’s code, an inability to see who had committed previous changes. Furthermore, a lot of time was wasted fixing bugs due to the inconsistencies.


Art of Living was able to implement Flosum into their development process and utilize the software’s robust version control system to eliminate the instances of freelance developers overwriting each other’s code. Flosum’s security matrix allows them to manage their permissions. Their freelancers are now able to commit to the built-in repository which automatically deploys to their QA environment without needing to constantly request access.

This continuous integration removes the dependency which has helped them save a significant amount of time.


Art of Living Customer Testimonial

“Flosum has made amazing improvements for our development process. Its continuous integration capabilities have really saved us time and the ability to control permissions has helped us bring organization and assurance when working with our many freelancers.”

– Aman Goyal, Project Manager Volunteer – IT & Services, Art of Living