AT&T Customer Story

AT&T has a legacy of innovation and a market focus of giving customers what they want that has solidified them as a global leader in the telecommunications, media, and technology sectors. AT&T continually seeks to create new customer experiences and cost-effectively grow their operations in each sector. Operating in highly-regulated industries, AT&T must meet strict compliance standards and faces competition from other large, multi-channel communications and media conglomerates. 


AT&T has multiple touchpoints with customers across its various channels and needs a highly responsive, omnichannel communication approach to provide the right, cohesive customer experience to excel in such a competitive environment. Customers expect quick service and highly personalized recommendations. Development teams need to be able to release critical changes quickly to meet those needs. In addition, AT&T’s Salesforce environments are business-critical and needed to meet strict security standards that were difficult to achieve.


The addition of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud allowed AT&T to track each customer interaction and gather comprehensive information. Flosum’s native release management application created a streamlined deployment process for AT&T to achieve faster and higher quality releases to provide the most value to the customer. Flosum’s 100% native release management solution is built on the platform, which enables AT&T to better manage environments and metadata, streamline the release process, enable higher-quality testing, and greater development team productivity.


Retail associates within AT&T now have access to better data which drives an enhanced customer experience. AT&T has reduced the time needed for hotfix deployments by 50%. Because metadata is solely controlled by AT&T, and the architecture is now fully compliant with all regulations. Flosum has enabled AT&T to significantly reduce resource allocation for deployment and development of overhead tasks.

Flosum increased the deployment velocity from about 4 hours to about 30 minutes. The reduction in manual steps (originally changesets and runbooks) saved 20 development hours per week across a team of 10 developers. Flosum’s added visibility, automated processes and elimination of errors ultimately enhanced the deployment team’s overall productivity by 75%, directly contributing to AT&T’s ability to innovate faster and service their customers better.

Brad Ringer“Flosum completely streamlined and standardized our release process. By eliminating many manual steps, our teams are deploying 500% faster. Our process with Flosum enables us to consistently deliver releases with more confidence and fewer errors.” 

– Brad Ringer, Salesforce Solution Architect at AT&T